Our Services

We're here to tackle your drilling challenges through our unique and innovative techniques, equipment, tools and experience.
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Water Well Drilling

O’Keefe has solid expertise in determining the most optimal solution to accommodate domestic, irrigation, stock, large diameter or public water supply well specifications.

Mineral Exploration

O’Keefe Drilling offers a complete range of mineral exploration drilling technologies and methodsto meet the challenges of difficult subsurface conditions at exploration sites.

Environmental Drilling

With the growth of environmental studies, O’Keefe Drilling has further extended its business to include a host of services for current and future clients.


Geotechnical Drilling

O’Keefe Drilling provides Geotechnical Drilling services to help determine soil stability, classification, and change at varying depths and locations. This class of drilling also uncovers the impact groundwater depth, movement and location has on the soil.

Pump Sales & Service

Our services include pump installation, pump service, de-watering wells, and well inspection & sampling. Our experienced pump men ensure satisfying and reliable pump work. Along with experienced staff, our equipment is top-of-the line, which promises safety and satisfaction.

Caisson Drilling

O’Keefe Drilling has the capability and experience to drill large diameter holes using our Caisson Drill Rig. These holes can be used for elevator shafts, footings for buildings, cell towers, etc.  Contact us today to learn more about Caisson Drilling.



AirBurst Technology is a patented innovative well rehabilitation and well development process that is industry proven to provide consistently superior results in maximizing well production without endangering the environment — it is truly a Green Process.

Machine Shop

O’Keefe Drilling operates a fully equipped machine shop to service and maintain equipment. The machine shop offers high tech advancement by utilizing computer controlled lathes. The shop contains state of the art equipment which ensures safety and top performance.

Sonic Drilling

For those of you who wanted a larger platform with more power to advance larger diameter tools to great depth, this sonic is for you. A key feature of this rig is the Geoprobe® designed and manufactured GV5 Sonic Head with 50K dynamic force.

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Through state-of-the-art equipment, tool fabrication, skilled technicians and nearly sixty years of experience in every drilling situation imaginable, O'Keefe Drilling has become an industry leader.