About Us

Through ingenuity and innovation, O'Keefe Drilling has become a leader in the drilling industry. O'Keefe Drilling focuses on water wells and exploration, and is constantly expanding to accommodate today's focus on the environment. O'Keefe Drilling's growth has taken place in size, geographic location, and in the development and implementation of state of the art equipment.

In the beginning…

Providing Angle Hole Drilling since 1966.
O’Keefe Drilling was a pioneer in the development of reverse circulation drilling.

Ed O’Keefe

Built on a foundation of hard work & dedication,
Ed O’Keefe started O’Keefe Drilling in 1959 with his brother Emmett.

Lue O’Keefe

Lue O’Keefe played a vital roll in the establishment of O’Keefe Drilling since day one.

Timely Turnaround

In nearly six decades of drilling, we’ve conquered just about every drilling challenge imaginable. Our tested methods translate to efficient outcomes regardless of how simple or complex a project may be.


The ability to innovate is what has set us apart from other drilling companies and made us a leader in the drilling industry. Unique projects require unique solutions. Our ability to innovate is a key factor in O’Keefe Drillings’ success.

Advanced Technology

Our machine shop utilizes advanced technology through computer animated lathes. This means we can maintain and service existing equipment and fabricate our own tools for special projects.

State of the Art Equipment

We’re proud of our impressive fleet of 15 drilling rigs, including our latest addition, the Sonic Rig. If you have a drilling challenge, we have a rig that can meet that challenge. We’ve got the right rig for the right job.

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Through state-of-the-art equipment, tool fabrication, skilled technicians and nearly sixty years of experience in every drilling situation imaginable, O'Keefe Drilling has become an industry leader.