Caisson Drilling

The right rig for those big jobs

Drilling Equipment Done Right

Among the many drilling services our company has to offer, we also have the capabilities and experience to drill large diameter holes using our Caisson Drill Rig. These holes can be used for elevator shafts, footings for buildings, cell towers, etc. We also have an indoor elevator drill that is able to be transported through standard size doorways, hallways, and inner corridors of most buildings. Once our system is set up, it is capable of drilling through solid bedrock or alluvial overburden. Our drillers keep a tight tolerance on the bit and stabilizers, which ensures a straight and reliable hole.

The Caisson Drill Rig specializes in large diameter holes. A Caisson Drill can drill a hole that has a diameter from 12″ to up to 6′. The drill can go up to 50′ deep, also.


The LoDril® is the King of Difficult Access Drilling
Even though the LoDril can be used in almost any drilling situation you can imagine, it really earns its reputation in difficult access drilling.
On Slopes or Uneven Terrain

As an excavator-based attachment, the LoDril can take you places no other drill rig can go. Drill with confidence on slopes, muddy flats, or uneven terrain.

Under Power Lines, Bridges or Other Obstacles

The LoDril’s low profile and telescoping kelly bars allow us to drill deep where headroom limitations prohibit high-masted equipment. That means the LoDril is perfect for working under low overhead obstacles or even inside buildings.

Reach Out or Reach Over

Reach over casing, retaining walls, barriers or other obstructions and put LoDril power where you need it. The LoDril can drill anywhere in a 360 degree radius and reach over trenches or other obstructions. With a LoDril you can effectively reach as far as 18 feet (5.5m) beyond the tracks.

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Through state-of-the-art equipment, tool fabrication, skilled technicians and nearly sixty years of experience in every drilling situation imaginable, O'Keefe Drilling has become an industry leader.