Environmental Drilling and Sampling

Drilling responsibly

The goals of Environmental drilling are to investigate, monitor, and sometimes remediate a specific job site. These goals are achieved by many different types of drilling applications such as Auger, Air Rotary, and Sonic Drilling. 

With the growth of environmental studies and an expanded understanding of environmental impacts, O’Keefe Drilling has further extended its business to include the following services for our current and future clients:

• De-watering wells
• Piezometer holes
• Monitor wells
• Environmental Borings
• Well Abandonment
• Groundwater Sampling
• Interval Soil Sampling

We have extensive experience in well installation, development, rehabilitation, abandonment, and groundwater monitoring installations. With our diverse drilling fleet and experienced crews, even the most difficult conditions are no challenge for us.

O’Keefe Drilling operates three auger rigs, which includes track and truck mounted rigs, using the latest techniques for the construction of monitoring wells. We strive to maintain leadership in environmental drilling technology. 

Environmental Sampling

Get results you can trust.  Our experts understand the importance of accurate samples regardless of geologic conditions.  Whether it’s discrete or representative sampling you’re after, O’Keefe has the tools and technologies to get it. Soil, rock and even the most difficult ground conditions are no match for our experienced crews. 

O’Keefe offers sonic and conventional drilling technologies in a variety of sampling applications: 

  • Soil sampling 
  • Ground water sampling 
  • Soil gas sampling 
  • Bedrock coring 
  • Packer testing 

Well Services

O’Keefe specializes in the installation and development of monitoring, injection or extraction wells, soil and groundwater sampling equipment and the installation of remediation systems.

  • Well installation 
  • Well development 
  • Well rehabilitation 
  • Well abandonment 


Through state-of-the-art equipment, tool fabrication, skilled technicians and nearly sixty years of experience in every drilling situation imaginable, O'Keefe Drilling has become an industry leader.